Thankful for First Steps on Thanksgiving

Hey there! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family in whatever way you spent it.  One thing that my mom said to me recently is that nowadays, many people choose to spend Thanksgiving in a non-traditional way, such as by going on vacation in the Caribbean or eating non-turkey items.  My dad is an example of this – he ate homemade Gumbo for Thanksgiving.

I decided to not travel home to Missouri for the holiday this year so that I can enjoy a much needed staycation here in Memphis.  This was a bit of a difficult decision for me to make because I very much value family traditions and often find myself missing home if I’m not there for the holidays.   This year, I also wasn’t in the mood to hang out at other people’s houses to eat their turkey and laugh at their jokes. Is that bad to say? Let’s just move on

As the big Thursday approached, I considered all the ways I could be productive and enjoy the holiday my own way. That’s when I had an idea to try something new and different than what I’ve always done: I decided to make a full Thanksgiving dinner for myself that was completely gluten-free.  Being that I have yet to make neither a complete Thanksgiving dinner nor a full gluten-free dinner, I was excited toThanksgiving 1 take this on for the first time.

I woke up super early to get started and went until 4:00 p.m. Talk about focus and commitment! Two days prior, I found several recipes online that I thought would be ideal for Thanksgiving and frankly, items that I wouldn’t mind eating as leftovers for days on end. I included below a list of what I made along with their links. To make them all gluten-free, I simply altered some of the ingredients, like adding gluten-free flour and coconut sugar that I purchased at my local Walmart.

Everything turned out wonderfully! I was so grateful for my friend to come by and help me eat all that I cooked and even brought over some extra items to share.

Although cooking was an all day effort, I definitely enjoyed the process. The truth is that I’ve always wanted to make a big Thanksgiving dinner.  I also have been desiring to take on the challenge converting somewhat complicated meals to gluten-free. This turned out to be the perfect day to try both.

I’m thankful for my willingness and opportunity to take the first step toward a couple of my goals.  I’m also thankful for my family and friends who encouraged me throughout the day, especially since they know that this is not what I’m known for! It was surely a holiday to remember.

  • Interested in more gluten-free recipes? Check out my Pinterest board here.
  • Interested in other Thanksgiving or fall/winter recipe ideas? check out my Pinterest board here.

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