From the Highest: An Online Course on Self-Love & Acceptance

Do you know who you really are? 

Today’s culture defines self-love as having a high regard for oneself.  But how can you truly love yourself if you aren’t sure what or whom to love within?

At a very young age, we were taught how to love each other and extend kindness to one another, but we weren’t taught much about how to love ourselves.  That’s why it’s become a trendy buzzword for something  millions of people are searching for.

It’s time to shatter the misconceptions about who we think we’re supposed to be and internalize the truth about who He says we are.


Who is the “Me” that God created? 

When God first designed mankind, He made us in His image and placed us on earth to glorify Him.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and we walk as if we don’t realize it.

For all those reasons, I created this online course.  Since my earliest memories, I deeply struggled with who I was and what I should then like about myself.   Getting picked on in school, dealing with body image issues, and feeling rejected by some left me with internal scars and a bruised ego.

The result? I searched for acceptance and worth in the worst ways:

  • Through my achievements
  • Through relationships
  • Through my career

But when all those things disappeared, so did my self-love.

Then one day, God revealed to me who He originally designed me to be.  The floor plan was already there.  I just didn’t realize it. That single revelation changed my life.

Maybe that story is similar to yours. You’re on quest to love yourself more.  You’re searching for what it means to accept ALL of you, not just the parts that are acceptable to others.

If that’s you, then this course was made specifically for you.  In this 5-week series, you’ll learn to hit the reset button and build on a firm foundation.

The understanding you’ll gain about yourself will come from the love of the Highest God. 

There’s nothing greater than that.



5-Week CurriculumFor just $29.99, you’ll discover how to love yourself like you’ve never have before. Sign up today!

“From the Highest” Self-Love Course



Bonus Offer

As a bonus for registering, you’ll receive the “From the Highest” Self-Love Workbook. Complete it during the course.  Reflect on it in the future!


Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  Sign up today and get ready to be transformed. 


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Elana Cole is a writer, educator, and professional coach who is passionate about helping others in their personal journeys towards a more beautiful life. She is the author of "The Midnight Experience" and creator of Empowered Narrative, a blog about transforming the way you live and love.

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